Letter from Managing Member – Kathleen Calpin

Kalstar Enterprises was formed in 2004 out of our passion for the logistics industry. Our grandfather established the company in 1930 and our father, Eugene J. Kane, developed multiple supply chain services when he took over operations in 1955 focusing on combining operational excellence with uncommon customer service. We grew up in the family business and our company, Kalstar, is founded on the same core values of integrity, quality, flexibility and safety.

  • Integrity means doing the right thing, without compromise.
  • Quality is about attention to detail and the training and process disciplines required to achieve accurate, on-time deliveries, every time.
  • Flexibility is quickly responding to customer-driven or market-driven changes.
  • Safety is about maintaining a safe work environment, for ourselves and our co-workers.

Diversity plays a major part in how we deliver services and how, and who, we hire. We seek to bring people with different cultural experiences, talents, and ideas to the business. This ‘open to all’ philosophy is not only the right thing to do; it’s the wise business strategy. By teaming professionals with different backgrounds and experiences, we stimulate a rich interplay of ideas that translates into creative problem solving and improved operations. Organizations that promote diversity will be the ones that push forward, adding real value to their customers, their associates, and their communities.

Explore our website to learn more about how Kalstar’s logistics services drive value for some of America’s largest consumer product companies. But don’t stop there. Contact us to discuss how we can lower costs and improve service in your logistics operations.

All Best Wishes,

Kathleen Calpin
Managing Member
Kalstar Enterprises, LLC.