Distribution Services

Kalstar leverages a nationwide distribution network totaling more than 6.5 million square feet of warehouse space. We specialize in efficient execution of value-added services, allowing you to custom-configure and package products to meet your customer’s exact requirements. By delaying final manufacturing until the very last leg of the supply chain, you can reduce inventory, cut labor costs, and speed cycle time from manufacturing to store shelf. Kalstar is a minority-owned distribution company that can provide superb service while helping to meet your company’s objectives for minority-owned contracts.

Features of our warehouse network

  • Food-grade facilities that meet FDA sanitation requirements
  • Superior ratings from the American Institute of Baking
  • Full-featured, RF-enabled warehouse management system to maximize accuracy and labor efficiency
  • Experience with a range of warehouse automation options, including pick carousels and pick-to-light systems
  • Web-enabled systems give you immediate answers on the status of your inventory and orders
  • Industrial engineering team regularly audits facilities to drive continuous improvement in space and labor utilization
  • In-house information systems team works 24/7 to support your needs

Product fulfillment services

  • Order processing. Via phone, fax, mail, web, e-mail, or EDI (electronic data interchange).
  • Inventory Management. Advanced WMS system adapts to manage your specific requirements for product rotation, lot control, product hold/recall, and cycle counts. Desired inventory levels can be programmed into the system to signal when replenishment is required.
  • Pick/Pack/Ship. Kalstar’s advanced fulfillment centers use a range of warehouse automation options, including pick carousels and pick-to-light systems.

Need distribution services?
Kalstar is one of the country’s largest minority-owned warehouse companies. Contact us for a review of your requirements for warehousing and fulfillment services.